Death Track: Resurrection

Death Track: Resurrection 1.2

Death Track: Resurrection a fantastic and incredible racing/action game

Death Track: Resurrection is the second installment of the legendary racing game Deathtrack. The game is set in a not too distant future where the traditional sports have been replaced by more violent and aggressive entertainments to keep the world's population busy and entertained. In this case, the event is a the biggest and most brutal race in the world called "‘The Survival Race’, which takes place in the largest cities across the globe (including Bangkok, Vatican City, London, Moscow, New York, Paris, among others) and the drivers are world-renowned with the most powerful vehicles on the planet. The game includes amazing road battles, not always fair, and insane driving. To win this game you will have to exploit your driving skills and use every weapon at your disposal including machine guns, rocket launchers, etc. to eliminate all the drivers that stand on your way. This fantastic game features five racing modes with over 100 km of tracks full of deadly stunts. It also includes 10 different cars with multiple upgrades and skins, and the roads are full of mines, guided robots and a great variety of bonuses. The graphics are outstanding with wonderful effects and stunning visuals. Racing lovers are really going to enjoy this game, although I wouldn't recommend it for children.

Silvana Mansilla
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  • Outstanding graphics and sound effects. Great variety of cars and scenarios. A lot of bonuses and power-ups


  • Highly violent. HUGE download (almost 1 GB!)
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